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VFX artists: learn to code!

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“Learning to code can make you a better artist…”, writes Miguel Lleras.

As a CG artist, you might think coding skills aren’t particularly important for you. However, during my experience between big, medium and small studios I’ve noticed that being able to develop your own set of tools is crucial and brings with it some advantages for your own work.

My first contact with programming was back when I was a photographer. I needed to create a portfolio and as a starting photographer, I couldn’t afford to hire a programmer. So I talked to a cousin, who introduced me to the world of coding. She spent an afternoon and half of the night just showing me how, with basic HTML and CSS, I could create a terrific website to showcase my photography. She gave me a great gift in what would become two of the most important habits in my career that opened my world as an artist to new lines.

First, she gave me the ability to solve my own problems and second, she gave me the initial curiosity for developing code. The key part of the story with my cousin is she showed me that if a solution isn’t readily available, you can create one for yourself.

Actually, that’s exactly what happens when you work in the CG industry. There are several people trying to develop and create tools for artists; tools that are amazing and work incredibly well. However, there’s always going to be times when you don’t have the exact tool to help you with your specific objective. When you come across a situation like that, you’ll often need to create a tool to finish your work.

Since CG is an industry that’s based on technology, I believe even as an artist you need a passion for coding and develop your skills. In my experience, I’ve found excellent solutions building my own tools.

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Miguel Lleras
Miguel Lleras Villaveces is a lighting artist and compositor with experience in feature animated film and VFX. He has worked for Blue Sky Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios and currently works for MPC (The Moving Picture Company) in Montreal. His film credits include Epic, Rio 2 and the Oscar winner Big Hero 6. He is currently working on The Fantastic 4.

“I remember the first time I realized coding was an art form by itself.”

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