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Rotoscoping: From Early Animation to Blockbuster VFX

Rotoscoping began as an animation technique of frame by frame drawings, but is now more frequently used as a VFX tool for hiding wires and creating CGI worlds. Animator Max Fleischer wanted to quickly draw realistic character movement. He came up with the idea to film live-action footage then trace over the footage frame by frame. […]

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The Voxels in Pixels

CGSociety talked to Imageworks’ VFX Supervisor Dan Kramer about the visual effects used in “Pixels“. Chris Columbus’ Pixels is a comedy that pits a handful of hapless gamers against a barrage of classic arcade game characters. Creatures like a giant Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders burst from the flickering CRT screens of the 1980s […]

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M is for Matte painting

Matte painting visual effects cinefex

Matte painters are the Rembrandts of our time. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of these master painters at work in the early 90’s and their work is even more stunning up close. Now digital has taken over – nothing wrong with that – but the old masters are gone and the most recent […]

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Dream Quest Images™ Blog

We blog about the art of traditional and digital visual effects creation, the history of visual effects and current trends and developments. Also about our projects (if clients approve) and about the achievements and creations of our colleagues and friendly competitors.

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