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VFX artists: learn to code!

Dream Quest Images - a Marvels Media Company - (C) 2015

“Learning to code can make you a better artist…”, writes Miguel Lleras. As a CG artist, you might think coding skills aren’t particularly important for you. However, during my experience between big, medium and small studios I’ve noticed that being able to develop your own set of tools is crucial and brings with it some advantages for […]

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Dutch / Nederlands : stageplek

Dream Quest Images™ Stageplek CGI Character Animation  We hebben momenteel op onze locatie Eindhoven (Strijp-S) een stageplek beschikbaar op het gebied van 3D karakter/cartoon animatie ter ondersteuning van een nieuwe (web-) animatie serie. Werkervaring wordt geboden op het gebied van karakter animatie, het creëren van digitale componenten zoals modellen, karakters, virtuele sets, shaders en materialen, belichting, cameragebruik en motion capture. De […]

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The Voxels in Pixels

CGSociety talked to Imageworks’ VFX Supervisor Dan Kramer about the visual effects used in “Pixels“. Chris Columbus’ Pixels is a comedy that pits a handful of hapless gamers against a barrage of classic arcade game characters. Creatures like a giant Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders burst from the flickering CRT screens of the 1980s […]

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Game of Thrones: animating Drogon (Video)

In this “Making Of”, Rhythm & Hues talks about the Drogon animation for GAME OF THRONES.

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Top 10 Practical Movie Effects of all time (video)

CGI Effects are amazing, mind-blowing, and all over the place in Hollywood. But it’s amazing what can be, and has been, accomplished without the aid of a computer.

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Current job opportunities at Dream Quest Images™ Internship / work experience CGI Character Animation We currently have an internship opportunity in our Eindhoven, the Netherlands studio. The Dutch page for this opportunity is here. Work experience is offered in the field of character animation for a new animated (web-) cartoon series, and will (but not exclusively) include the creation of […]

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