Dream Quest Images ™ is a visual effects studio combining practical effects with CGI. The VFX shop of Marvels Film.

Rotoscoping: From Early Animation to Blockbuster VFX

Rotoscoping began as an animation technique of frame by frame drawings, but is now more frequently used as a VFX tool for hiding wires and creating CGI worlds. Animator Max Fleischer wanted to quickly draw realistic character movement. He came up with the idea to film live-action footage then trace over the footage frame by frame. […]

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The VFX of WETA Digital

We don’t hesitate to blog about the achievements and creations of our colleagues and friendly competitors. Today we’d like to quote a great article (with videos) by Michael Maher over at RocketStock, about WETA Digital. WETA Digital is one of the most prominent VFX houses. This little New Zealand studio has grown into one of the most […]

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Game of Thrones: animating Drogon (Video)

In this “Making Of”, Rhythm & Hues talks about the Drogon animation for GAME OF THRONES.

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Current job opportunities at Dream Quest Images™ Internship / work experience CGI Character Animation We currently have an internship opportunity in our Eindhoven, the Netherlands studio. The Dutch page for this opportunity is here. Work experience is offered in the field of character animation for a new animated (web-) cartoon series, and will (but not exclusively) include the creation of […]

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