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Current job opportunities at Dream Quest Images™

Internship / work experience CGI Character Animation

We currently have an internship opportunity in our Eindhoven, the Netherlands studio. The Dutch page for this opportunity is here.

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Work experience is offered in the field of character animation for a new animated (web-) cartoon series, and will (but not exclusively) include the creation of digital assets, like wire-frame models, characters, sets, environments, shaders and materials, poses, lighting and animation sequences. The emphasis lies on animation of the series’ characters.

You will work in a small team with an animator and production-supervisor. Software to be explored and mastered during your stay includes Poser, Silo Zen, DaVinci Resolve, Fusion and motion capture software. You’ll have the opportunity to explore other software we work with, such as Maya and RenderMan.

Period: 2015 and 2016

Please apply as soon as possible.

The duration of the internship can range from one semester or 6 months period of time, depending on the student’s or school’s tuition program. Longer or shorter terms are negotiable.
This is a paid internship, but fees are modest.
Individuals must provide for their own expenses, including housing and transportation.

Individuals must be eligible to work in the European Union. For the duration of your internship, we will require you to provide supporting documentation which confirms your eligibility to work in the EU. Individuals must have adequate health and liability insurances.

We only limited positions available. Please submit your application and proof of your work; you should be able to demonstrate proficiency in computer animation, digital arts or related field. Submissions must solely be the work of the applicant.

NO TELEPHONE CALLS PLEASE. All inquiries and questions should be directed to the submission email address: [email protected] 


Anyway… if you are an experienced VFX, animation and/or CGI professional – individual or company – interested in partnering with us, please don’t hesitate to mail your resume and showreel.

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