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How to set up a VFX pipeline

A VFX pipeline is not a technology but a process or workflow method.

The term ‘visual effects (VFX) pipeline’ almost sounds like a pre-packaged product of some sort, something Adobe is sure to address in software sometime soon, right? In fact, it’s neither a product, nor a technology. Rather it’s a workflow, or process.

What is a VFX pipeline?

Essentially we are talking something not so different from Henry Ford’s assembly line. That said, the ideal assembly line is rather linear in flow. But try as we may, a CG pipeline tends to be far more organic in nature – that means more complex and with more back and forth.

A pipeline is something that is designed, based on the tasks at hand, the sources of your content, and the type of work to be done. Just like different offices, no two pipeline workflows are the same.

What is consistent from one shop’s pipeline to another is the attempt to break down the workflow into logical and functional chunks. This may be done in any one of many ways, and is often something of a hybrid of many ideas. Shops usually have more than one pipeline going on at any time. The trick is making them all work together.

Lance Evans explains everything you need to know about creating the perfect VFX pipeline.

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