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Do you have studios and sound stages?

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Our team of VFX artists and cinematographers specialize in practical effects using models, miniatures, explosives, fire and water – whatever it takes to bring any scene to life. This asks for specific studios, stages and locations.

We have several studios and stages on the premises in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and a number of facilities in the direct surroundings we collaborate with. This includes two green-screen stages, editing/grading suites, a cinema and two sound recording studios.

We have a small in-house animation and motion-tracking studio at our “Videolab” premises.

We partner with specialized facilities and experts at Pinewood studios (Shepperton, UK) and some of the largest soundstages in the world, at Borehamwood Elstree studios, UK.

We have access to a number of spectacular urban industrial locations in the Netherlands and Belgium we regularly use for (visual effects) photography.


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