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The Voxels in Pixels


CGSociety talked to Imageworks’ VFX Supervisor Dan Kramer about the visual effects used in “Pixels“. Chris Columbus’ Pixels is a comedy that pits a handful of hapless gamers against a barrage of classic arcade game characters. Creatures like a giant Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders burst from the flickering CRT screens of the 1980s […]

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The VFX secrets of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video

taylor swift, mtv, bad blood, vfx, visual effects, dream quest images

Lead CG artist, Grant Miller, reveals how Ingenuity created the MTV VMA winning music video. Plugged as one of the most elaborate music videos to date, Taylor Swift’s cameo and VFX heavy video for Bad Blood caused a lot of hype when it was released in May and received the award for Best Video at […]

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Game of Thrones: animating Drogon (Video)

Drogon animation for GAME OF THRONES, dreamquest dream quest vfx cgi

In this “Making Of”, Rhythm & Hues talks about the Drogon animation for GAME OF THRONES.

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Top 10 Practical Movie Effects of all time (video)

vfx practical effects , dark knight rises, marvels, dreamquest, dream quest

CGI Effects are amazing, mind-blowing, and all over the place in Hollywood. But it’s amazing what can be, and has been, accomplished without the aid of a computer.

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